I first saw these drawings used to teach people the Bible through a missionary who uses them to teach an oral version of God’s Word to people groups in third world countries.  It was simple and memorable enough for him to teach a few times to those he was discipling, and they could go out and share God’s Word with others.  There is a much more comprehensive version to teach these stories at a more detailed level in those situations as well, but I’ve found this simple version to be one that works in the US as I eat meals or have coffee with men each week.

When I walk through this with other people, I like to pause at each of the key questions in the video to ask them about their story.  I may share that part of my story and then ask for theirs.  The key questions to take time on:

  • What does brokenness look like in your life and how does it affect you?
  • Are there things about God or His Word that you have a hard time trusting?
  • What brings weight to His grace in your life?
  • How deeply do you feel God’s love for you?
  • How can we glorify God with our lives?

I’ve had opportunities to do this on napkins in restaurants and whiteboards in conference rooms.  You can do it in 5 minutes or an hour.  It allows you to communicate these key components of the gospel specific to your audience, pull in your own story, and ask for thoughts throughout the process.  Practice it a couple of times, and you’ll have it ready when the opportunity presents itself.

If this resource was helpful to you, share it with your friends.  I would also highly encourage you to check out The Bible Project as well.  They have done an incredible job of creating visuals for every book of the Bible.  We use this resource in our EPIC men’s bible study each week, but it could be used to teach children as well.  Incredibly well done.

I also enjoy the Overview Bible blog as well.  There is a lot of great infographics and biblical insight there too.

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