In our time with Wes, we began a dialogue about the Roles Men Play. As Brothers, it is imperative that we open up to one another so that we can realize our identity in Christ and as part of the body in a more dynamic way. We don’t live this Christian life in a vacuum. Each of us will deal with challenges, and these challenges will try to defeat or define us if we deal with them in isolation.

We have to get beyond the surface level chit chat every week in our men’s groups so that we can really sharpen each other. We don’t have time for just going through the motions with each other. We need men we can go deep with and discuss the gospel as it really interacts with our life.

As part of the night, Wes asked the men, “What is your greatest fear?” and “What is your greatest sorrow?” Both of these questions are difficult for men to communicate to each other so we asked the men to write it down anonymously on a card on the table. As I read the cards that night, my heart broke over real life challenges that men are mostly likely facing alone. Here are those responses aggregated into a word cloud:

more impactful greatest sorrows

“What is your greatest sorrow?”

“What is your greatest fear?”

more impactful greatest fears

Men, let’s get these things on the table with each other. If you want a list of meaningful questions to ask your men’s group, you can see Wes’s List of Questions.