Base Camp Season 4 – The Roles Men Play:

Guest Speaker Wes Yoder
Author of Bond of Brothers
Guest Speaker John Woodall
Author of the men’s study [7]
Guest Speaker Gary Thomas
Author of Sacred Marriage & Cherish
Guest Speaker Jay Stringer
Author of Unwanted

Base Camp Season 3 – SHIFT:

Guest Speaker Jamin Goggin
Co-Author of The Way of the Dragon or The Way of the Lamb
David Anderson
Kabuki – Our Sacred Mission of Work

David Anderson
Shift our Hope to the Kingdom

Base Camp Season 2:

Guest Speaker Kelvin Cochran
Former ATL Fire Chief
David Anderson
Spiritual Leadership in the Home
Guest Speaker Crawford Loritts
Author of Leadership as an Identity

Base Camp Season 1:

Guest Speaker Troy Haas
Pornography in the Church
David Anderson
When Our Time Challenges Our Hearts
David Anderson
Transformational Brotherhood