A critical aspect of men becoming Kingdom Men on a Mission is biblical community where you can be challenged, encouraged, and accepted. We all face a myriad of common, yet highly personal challenges each week and need each other to take on these challenges within our identities and purposes as Kingdom Men.

Within Johnson Ferry, there are over 50 men’s groups.  Many are comprised of men who gather from their SBS class in their homes or at a local restaurant for breakfast.  Others participate in our open large format group gatherings —like East Cobb Men’s Fellowship (Monday AM) or EPIC Men’s Groups (Friday AM) that meet weekly at the church.  Lastly, some men simply started with 3-4 men in their neighborhood or friend group and grew their group from there.  There are still many men at Johnson Ferry who are not connected to a group.

We are challenging all the men of Johnson Ferry to Find Your Men!

We all need  community to fully pursue the identity and purposes God has for each of us.  The Men’s Ministry is equipped to support your group with resources, guidance, and  ideas to make your time together valuable, but it is your responsibility to find your men and commit to consistently meet together.  If you are new to JF, we can help you connect to an open group as well, but we also recommend checking with your new SBS class to see if there is already a group established.  We can help equip you with vision, resources, and direction for your group. Regardless, be purposeful in finding a group!