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What is iD?

Intentional Dads is a platform that encourages dads to be intentional in raising their sons through monthly energetic and engaging experiences where fathers and sons can grow in their relationships with Jesus and each other.

Intentional Dads
2015 Pumpkin Smash

What are the group’s goals?

  1. To intentionally create powerful experiences with our sons (90% experience, 10% teaching/talking)
  2. To use experiences to point our boys to Jesus every time
  3. To expose sons to a network of other older role models who are living for Christ and that care about them personally
  4. To be easy to attend consistently (local, 2 – 3 hour event)
  5. To engage our sons with excellence so that they are constantly asking, “When is the next “iD event?”
ID pic
2016 Service Project – Local Widow

Examples of Monthly Events:

  1. Honoring/Loving His Mother – Hosting a dinner where boys serve their mothers dinner and write a note of honor for her.  Discussion beforehand of how honor and love go together.
  2. Being a Fisher of Men – Trip to the fishing farm or honey hole to wet hooks and to discuss a comparison between fishing and evangelism.
  3. Service Project #1 – Every 3rd event is a local service project – Focus of 1st project is orphans in need.
  4. The Body of Christ – Using a team sport like ultimate frisbee, flag football, etc to discuss the importance of operating within the body of Christ
  5. Courageous Faith – Using real shepherds slings and slingshots to destroy pumpkins, but also display David’s courageous faith when all others feared.
  6. Service Project #2 – Focus of the 2nd project is honoring and serving elderly
  7. Perseverance – Making a tough hike together and discussing the output of perseverance
  8. Failing Forward – Using golf or disc golf to demonstrate that errors and failure will happen and how to deal with it
  9. Service Project #3 – Focus of the 3rd project is serving a local widow
  10. The Pleased Father – Taking an opportunity to tell our boys what we love about them and that we are “well-pleased” with who God made them

Other potential topics in the future – servant leadership, being present, unconditional love, encouragement, discipline

Other potential events in the future – Ninja Warrior training facility, frisbee golf, “Navy Seal” training, Shoot the Hooch, Nerf Gun war

ID pic2
Ninja Quest 2015

How do I get plugged in?

Intentional Dads is a framework for anyone to use.  Start by identifying 5 – 10 other dads that are at the same stage in life and engage them.  Get the full support of the wives (quality time with son = easy approval), and get started.  Start with a planning session where each dad can take on a month or two for that school year and block your calendars for the year up front.  Remember that the goal of each event is for the boys to leave asking the question, “When is our next iD event?”

If you are forming a group, email so that your group will receive an invite to the Pumpkin Smash event on the Sunday afternoon following Halloween.  This event will serve a collective event for all of our Intentional Dad groups.  Each group is also encouraged to check out the book, “Raising a Modern Day Knight” by Robert Lewis.  It could serve as a great foundation for generating the direction and goals of your own group.