Guest Speakers:  John Lynch and Bruce McNicol

Worship led by Brett Stanfill

Session 1 – Grraaace…


Session 2 – Wonderfully Hard Works of Love


Session 3 – Only Grace


Workbook for Group Sessions:

Retreat Workbook


Theme Verse:

“Sin will not be master over you, for you are no longer under law, but you are under grace.”       Romans 6:14

Sin will no longer be master over you because you are no longer under bucking up under moralism, under strife, under griming around, trying to impress, or prove or make it happen yourself, but you’re under grace.  In fact, it’s stronger than that.  It actually says, if you’re under grace, if you choose to let your life be under grace.  But if you don’t, if you choose any other methodology but grace, it will twist you up, it will mess with you, and it will play the principle of law, sin will be master over you, and you will live in hiddenness, or pretend, or Pharisees.  Guys, sin will not be master over us because we are no longer under law.  We are no longer trying to prove that we’re enough by the law that was created to show us we weren’t.  Live under grace.